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Purize - Extra Slim Filters




XTRA Slim Size filter in a pack of 50!

The smallest filters by Purize, 50 pieces in a resealable bag. Available in the colors: pink, organic, green and white. These storage bag not only ensures that your filters are presented nicely, but also create the best storage conditions for your filters.

Coconut-based activated charcoal significantly reduces the absorption of pollutants and gives you a cool, dry and aromatic smoking experience that benefits your lungs. Our activated carbon filters are suitable for ALL types of self-rolled people! 

Dimensions: ø 5.9 mm x 26.9 mm. 
Filling: activated charcoal based on coconut.


  • Suitable for all people who roll themselves
  • Noticeably milder experience
  • High quality activated carbon
  • Best filter properties

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