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Free shipping on orders above € 50 in The Netherlands. You can also pick up your order for free in our shop during opening hours.

For the other regions, please find shipping costs below:

  • Netherlands € 3,95
  • Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg € 8,49
  • Austria, Italy, United Kingdom, Estland, France, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia € 14,95
  • Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria € 19,95
  • Finland, Norway, Switzerland € 29,95

The right shipping method and price will be calculated for you when you place your webshop order.

Do you have any questions about your shipment? You might find your answer in our FAQ or email us at

Terms and conditions

As mentioned in Article 9 of our terms and conditions:

  • De Kade B.V. will take the greatest possible care when receiving- and executing the Agreement with regard to customer’s order(s).
  • The address details that the Consumer has provided to De Kade B.V. are considered to apply as the place of delivery, unless the Parties explicitly agree otherwise in writing. The order will be delivered in accordance with the shipping method chosen by the consumer (usually: by post/courier).
  • The stated delivery times on the website are not intended as strict deadlines, unless explicitly agreed differently in writing. If a delivery term is exceeded, the Consumer must give De Kade B.V. written notice of default. With due observance of the aforementioned, De Kade B.V. will execute accepted orders with appropriate speed, but no later than thirty (30) Days, except in the situation that timely delivery is not possible as a result of circumstances that cannot be attributed to De Kade B.V., or in the case that another delivery period has been explicitly agreed in writing between the Parties. If delivery of an order is delayed because of a product (temporarily) being out of stock, or if (partial) execution of the Agreement is (temporarily) not possible, the Consumer will be informed of such within fourteen (14) Days. In that case, the Consumer is entitled to cancel the order free of charge, unless a different delivery period has been agreed upon explicitly and in writing with the Consumer.
  • If the Consumer terminates the Agreement in accordance with the previous paragraph, De Kade B.V. will refund the amount that the Consumer has paid without delay, but no later than fourteen (14) Days.
  • If De Kade B.V., after receipt of the order, still needs information in order to execute the Agreement, or if a (partial) advance payment has been stipulated, the delivery time will only commence after the Consumer has supplied the (requested) correct and complete information, respectively paid the stipulated advancement.
  • If the Consumer refuses to accept a delivery of the ordered, De Kade B.V. can charge the resulting costs to the Consumer, without prejudice to De Kade B.V.’s right to terminate the Agreement in that case and whereby De Kade reserves the right to claim full compensation from the Consumer.
  • If the information provided by the Consumer is incorrect, De Kade B.V. will exclusively deliver an order on basis of a ‘best efforts’ obligation.
  • The risk of damage and/or loss of products rests with De Kade B.V. until the moment of delivery to the Consumer or a pre-designated representative made known to De Kade B.V., unless Parties have explicitly agreed to otherwise in writing.