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Amsterdam's Secret Stash Bag De Kade X TheHighCloud

Incl. 21% VAT


Secret Stash Bag, a collaboration with TheHighCloud. Safely store your essentials with style and discretion. 

The Secret Stash Bag contains:

  • De Kade rolling papers
  • De Kade x Purize pack of filters
  • The High Cloud grinder
  • The High Cloud Clipper
  • De Kade Keychain 
  • De Kade Matchbook
  • A whole load of stickers
  • If you’re LUCKY a GOLDEN PIN 

This is a ultra-exclusive drop, only 50 Stash Bags in existence. But here’s the real treasure - inside 10 of these bags, you’ll discover a GOLDEN PIN.

This golden pin is your exclusive invite to the secret sesh with The Real Uncle Kush at De Kade Amsterdam.

Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of this exclusive collaboration. Elevate your stash game with our Secret Stash Bag and carry your essentials discreetly and securely, wherever your journey takes you.

Found a golden pin? Send us a message on Instagram! 

Adjustable Strap: Customize your comfort for the perfect fit, every time.
Secret Back Pocket: Conceal your most valuable treasures with ease.
Material: 100% polyester